[OMT-041] DEMPANIQUE by ksd6700


I will by XXX has spread rapidly in society, concern that young people are absorbed in XXX is spread among middle-aged and older. Theory sensational “deterioration of human relations and the increase in girls and prostitution increase in youth crime, damage to the brain by radio waves of XXX is a cause” as that is spread through the media, such as, for XXX between the parents soon social fear and anxiety may occur. Result of growing unease, movement or closed across the board XXX You can pick from a child XXX complaining evils of XXX, or prohibit the XXX sales explode in society as a whole. And exercise this social unrest is DEMPANIQUE.

電波女(M) Tシャツ
電波女(M) Tシャツ

ksd6700 ghostwritten by ksd6700
やっとシンセのCPUが温まって 来た頃だぜ!自称「健康優良不良テクノ少年」。自分専用に改造したシンセ(盗品)を駆り、日々を無目的な暴音行為に費やしている。細部の改造やチューニングは出来る様だが、DJには詳しくない。興奮剤のような薬物を日常的に摂取している様子。

It’s about time that the CPU of the synth came barely warm! Self-proclaimed “good health bad boy techno”. Borrow (stolen goods) synth that was modified to your own, you have spent 暴音 act unpurposed every day. It’s as possible tuning and remodeling of the details, but you are not familiar with the DJ. How are taking on a daily basis drugs such as stimulants.

[OMT-022] 勃起と平和 (LOVE and PEACE) ft. THE PARTY by ksd6700

Illustrated by WAVIRUS

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