[OMT-047] n by dj_case

dj_case June 7 9:30 around, they fired towards a long-range ballistic Groove to the west from Inage in Chiba western called “launch of technodon”. Aircraft flying through the Chiba-City sky. E-government is seen as part of the consciousness is on track in the cyber space.

Dj Case

サイバネティクス技術と超巨大電脳ネットワークが地球を覆いつくし、財閥(ザイバツ)と呼ばれる巨大企業、そして「ヤクザ」が経済を牛耳る近未来。 かつては、「マトリックス」と呼ばれる電脳空間(サイバースペース)に意識ごと没入(ジャック・イン)して企業情報を盗み出すコンピューター・カウボーイであり、西千葉のテクノレーベル「INAGE Records」のクルーであったDJ CASEは、電脳都市千葉市(チバ・シティ)でドラッグ浸りのチンピラ暮らしを送っていた。

The big business by which cybernetics technology and a super-huge computer network cover up the earth and are called a financial combine (ZAIBATSU) and the near future by which “gangster” leads economy. Former days were the computer cowboy who does absorption every the consciousness (Jack and inn) in the cyberspace called “matrix” (cyberspace) and steals industrial information, and DJ CASE where a techno label in Nishi-chiba “INAGE Records” was a crew of was sending hooligan living of a drug flood in computer city Chiba-shi (Chiba city).

Illustrated by WAVIRUS

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