[OMT-048] Valentiny by ksd6700

There is a criminal record in the drug, ACID’s active in the rehabilitation support facilities now (303) was talking about the fear of the drug. “Even if not with the know go, comfortably, have been inscribed on the sense of well-being is the brain, I would put out a hand. To prison 303 years and a half, there is a moment that I think I want to do even further 1 year 11 months-old now.”

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Techno Make Me Erect(W)
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やっとシンセのCPUが温まって 来た頃だぜ!自称「健康優良不良テクノ少年」。自分専用に改造したシンセ(盗品)を駆り、日々を無目的な暴音行為に費やしている。細部の改造やチューニングは出来る様だが、DJには詳しくない。興奮剤のような薬物を日常的に摂取している様子。
I When I came finally synth of the CPU is warm! Self-proclaimed “health good bad techno boy”. Drove the synth (stolen goods), which was converted to their own, have spent in purposeless violence loud sound conduct the day-to-day. Remodeling and tuning of details seems as possible, not familiar with DJ. State that routinely ingested drugs, such as stimulants.
[OMT-022] 勃起と平和 (LOVE and PEACE) ft. THE PARTY by ksd6700

Illustrated by WAVIRUS

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