[OMX-002] OmanMixx002 by ksd6700



アシッド・トランプ(Acid Trump)氏(303)は20日、遊説先のオハイオ(Ohio)州デラウェア(Delaware)で、歓声を上げる支持者らを前に「この偉大で歴史に残るDJミックス “OmanMixx” を全面的に受け入れるつもりだ──もし私が勝てばの話だが」と語った。

01. 廃人演説 by 鳥肌実
02. Earth by DJ CASE
03. m.a.z.o (polyshaft remix) by DERTHXY
04. Eins (Diskraken remix) by DERTHXY
05. Terminus by the percussionz
06. FHY by ksd6700
07. KLZ by ksd6700
08. ナウロマンティック (the percussionz Acid 2400 mix) by KOJI1200
09. 勃起と平和 (LOVE and PEACE) ft. THE PARTY by ksd6700
10. MAdNET(ksd6700 2011 MIX) by ksd6700
11. Spending all my time (the percussionz mix) by Perfume
12. STGS4 by tom atom
13. Shooting Star by the percussionz
14. Nothing´s Gonna Change (-good night satellite- the percussionz mix) by DENKI GROOVE
15. dance! tokio! dance! (2020 Cristal Tokio mix) by the percussionz
16. Seven Swell-based on Niji- (-She’s a Rainbow- the percussionz mix) by LAMA


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