[OMP-001,002] Omantic Records Tshirts

「Omantic RecordsのTシャツ」通称「オマンティー」がClubTから販売開始。どこからどう見ても、スタイリッシュなデザインが特徴だ。本体カラーは40色、文字色はブラック、ホワイトの2色。
“T-shirt of Omantic Records” alias “[Omanty]” is a commercial launch from ClubT. Be to design from where to the feature in every respect stylish. In the main body color, 40 colors and the character colors are two colors (the black and white).
Omantic Records
Omantic Records Tshirts
Omantic Records
Omantic Records(W) Tshirts

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